Our Process

Working with Smith & Vallee is simple, creative and efficient from design through installation. We help you achieve the environment you want and bring your vision to life.

Our Process

From design through installation, our designers listen to your ideas and offer advice to help you achieve the environment you want OR we can work seamlessly with your existing architects and interior designers to bring your vision to life.

Bring us your plan or ideas, even if it’s just a sketch on a napkin or an image in your mind. Together we can work out the final design and create a bid for the project. Once the bid is established, a 50% down payment allows us to start the building process.

All of our projects are custom built in our shop using the finest raw materials. We offer customers a unique opportunity to visit our shop in Edison and select the specific lumber for their project. Choose the species of wood you want from our large selection of sustainably harvested lumber. We have the finest materials from as close as our backyard and as far away as South America and Africa.

We enjoy collaborating with homeowners because customer satisfaction is our number one priority and, after all, homeowners are the ultimate end-users of the environments we create.

Smith & Vallee’s expert craftsmen build every project from scratch and install each piece with expert care. We pay attention to the little details along the way to ensure a final product that we can look upon with pride. The whole process is collaborative and easy.

Camber Coffee: Bellingham

We are mostly known in the Pacific Northwest for our residential cabinetry, so it is fun for us to showcase a recent project in Bellingham’s latest hip coffee stop, Camber Coffee. Photo credit: Chris DiNottia The contractor for this project, Chuckanut Builders, posted more photos from this project on their website. As written by Chuckanut […]

Kivalina, Alaska Community Center: An Alaskan Village Relocation Project

Jade Craftsman Builders, a green-building contractor based out of South Whidbey Island familiar with our residential cabinetry work, invited us to participate in a unique project off the remote Northwest coast of Alaska. Kivalina is on the southern tip of a 7.5 mile long barrier island located between the Chukchi Sea and a lagoon at […]

Heliotrope Hotel: A New Venture

Smith & Vallee is a partner in the recently renovated Heliotrope Hotel in Bellingham, WA. Join us for the opening party, Saturday May 13, 4-8PM. More about this project from the Heliotrope Hotel Blog: The Heliotrope Hotel emerges from a passion for Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest. The Heliotrope is locally owned, aiming for authenticity […]


Beds, vanities, shelves, closets and kitchenettes are being built in our shop here in Edison, and installed in phases by our crew in Bellingham.  This is an 18 unit project with exclusively Smith & Vallee designed and built cabinetry and platform beds. Stay tuned for “the hub” portion of this project.  A live edge bar […]

Mid-Century-Modern Project: Sneak Peak 1

Assembled in the shop today was one of 18 of these simple and modern europly platform beds with built in floating nightstands. Eighteen beds you ask? Yes – and so much more cabinetry and furniture to come in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted as this exciting mid-century-modern project unfolds.

Contemporary Kitchen in Restored Schoolhouse

Remodeling a kitchen is second nature to us.  A formula of updating a home and designing a kitchen that meets our client’s needs for function and style. Carving a living space out of a historic building, though, was an exciting deviation from that formula. What was once a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse, and neglected for years between […]